\wäm-fest\ n. a four day festival located at the Wigwam Tavern,
which includes lots of music, fun, and booze.

Thursday, August 18th

tiny tavern tour

7 pm - 11 pm at The Depot
A mini downtown pub crawl that begins and ends at The Depot.
Help spread Wamfest cheer!

parade of taverns
11 pm at The Depot
Join us in our traditional Wamfest parade up to the Wigwam to mark the start of Wamfest!

opening ceremonies
11:05 pm at the Wigwam
Watch in awe as the Wamfest Cup is lit and the 2016 Wamfest Ambassador is sworn in. Trust us, you don't want to miss this spectacle.

Friday, August 19th

miss wamfest pageant
Pageant Registration begins at 10 pm
Pageant begins 11 pm at the Wigwam

Our annual bikini contest where
Miss Wamfest 2016 will be crowned.
Top prize is $250 cash

Saturday, August 20th

.08 mini marathon
10:45 am registration at the Wigwam
11 am marathon start time

Run, walk, bike, or crawl. Start at The Depot and end at the Wigwam.
Two blocks is all we can manage to do after a Friday night at Wamfest.

Free T-shirt to marathoners

bean bag tournament
10:45 am registration at the Wigwam
11 am tournament begins

Stop down for our bean bag tournament! $20 per team entry fee with 100% payback to the top team.

going on all day long at the Wigwam
Dont' miss our newest Wamfest tradition! A game of skill and intense competition involving a hammer, nails, and a giant log.

hot dog eating competition
3:30 sign up at the wigwam
Contest starts at 4:00 pm

Scarf 'em down like Joey Chestnut. Ten hot dogs (and bun) in five minutes or under.
Competition is limited to the first ten people to sign up.

Top prize is $50 and the
championship belt*
*previous winners are not eligible to compete

music and bands
noon - 10 pm
at the Wigwam under the big tent


and more........

rockin' with nick
10 pm until close at the Wigwam
Stay here and party until bar close.
Nick will be here to DJ and
close out the festivities.

Sunday, August 21st

breakfast at the wigwam
10 am at the Wigwam

On the fourth day of Wamfest
we rest. Stop down at 10 am
for a wamlet and a bloody mary, just what you need after a weekend at Wamfest!

closing ceremony
12 pm at the Wigwam
Say farewell to Wamfest 2016 during our closing ceremony at noon.